How to Remove the WebHelper Virus?

Many people mistake WebHelper for a viral program. This is something like an adware utility that, as you might guess, displays ads on your computer. Let`s clarify it.

How to deal with viruses on a PC?

Infecting your PC with viruses entails a lot of negative consequences, ranging from the risk of losing all the files stored on the device, and ending with the transfer of control of your device to third parties. Currently, there are many such malicious programs, and not always their presence can be detected immediately, as they act differently.

For a user who suspects the presence of viruses on their computer, it is exceedingly important to make sure that malware has entered your device. Before removing viruses from a PC, it is necessary to diagnose the gadget and identify the first signs of its appearance. This can be as slow as the programs, and the appearance of pop-up messages on the screen about file corruption, as well as the automatic opening of new tabs in the browser with the transition to sites unknown to you. If there are enough viruses on the device, it can cause frequent shutdowns or sudden breakdowns of the PC. In this case, you need to quickly proceed to the stage of cleaning the computer.

WebHelper: what is this process?

Web Helper is a very risky and dangerous malware that comes under cyber threats. According to a security researcher, this nasty virus enters your system from malicious emails that contain infected attachments. If you use uTorrent or other similar services to download files and programs, then you may encounter WebHelper.exe on your computer. It is easy to see it in the Task Manager as a running process showing high CPU usage. In short, we can say that you cannot work with your machine as comfortably as before. If your system has detected this malware, you should immediately try to remove it from your computer.

This utility is part of the µTorrent program. When the program is running, the utility is also launched. It is noteworthy that sometimes it even manages to significantly decrease the performance, as it begins to load the processor heavily.

This nasty backdoor virus drops multiple copies of itself to every location on your system’s hard drives and corrupts all files. It displays bogus security alerts, software update messages, and notifications on your computer, and asks you to download/install third-party software on your computer to improve your system’s performance.

How to get rid of WebHelper?

Despite the fact that today there are a huge number of all kinds of malware, there are also many ways to combat them. There are different cleaning methods for each type of virus, but there are general tips to help minimize losses from unwanted infection.

Before you remove a WebHelper from your computer, you should do the following:

  • make backup copies of important files on external devices or in the cloud storage, as there is always a risk of their irreversible deletion;
  • check for or install antivirus software;
  • reboot the device in safe mode, which will avoid connecting viruses to programs during startup;
  • run a system to scan your PC for virus programs, which will detect them and further remove them.

In this case, the detection of viruses is a specialized utility that also allows you to completely remove or isolate them. If you can’t set up antivirus software on your device, there are also ways to manually remove the virus from your PC.

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