How to Make a Glass Repair by Yourself?

If you have some small glass chips, you can probably fit the problem yourself and avoid going to the glass shop. Let’s discuss the most popular glass repair methods and find out which one is suitable for your particular situation.

It was a beautiful sunny day and everything was great until… a branch fell off the tree or a stone flew right on the car window. Well, after the panic is over you realize that you must take a trip to the glass show and have the glass replaced. It’s not only irritating but expensive. On the other hand, there are several things you can try to resolve the situation yourself.

Make up your mind

First of all, you’d better assess the damage and decide whether you should replace the glass or deal with it yourself. A lot depends on the size of the crack, your insurance policy, and other factors. You have to measure the crack, observe how it influences your view, whether the lines twist the sunlight making it uncomfortable to drive, etc.

A simple solution you can try

In case you conclude to repair the glass yourself, you must buy a windshield repair kit. There are plenty of options on the market, just pick the one you prefer. However, it’s probably better to pick the kit with a bridge applicator that can be attached to the glass via the suction cup. They are generally more stable and help you reach a better result.

Almost all kits available in stores or online have the same composition and need light or a UV lamp. That’s why you should plan when and where you will place your vehicle for the repair.

The first step you should take is to tap out small pieces of the broken glass. You can use some metal objects or the tools from the kit to do this. Remember to wear protective gloves to prevent cutting yourself.

The second step is to clean and dry the windshield. Remove all dust and dirt before you pour resin in the cracks. After the window is completely dry, you can set up the applicator. You may even make a small hole if needed. This mainly depends on the crack you have.

The third step is to fill the applicator with the resin and follow the instructions from the kit. Remember that there are separate sets for fixing cracks and chips. Yet, you’ll probably need only a few drops.

Finally, apply the mixture to fill in the cracks or chips from the start of it and seal it. At this stage, you’ll still see the crack. If the chip is deep, you should add more resin and finish the procedure with curing tape.

Now it’s better to leave the windshield for a couple of hours of the sun or use the UV lamp. As soon as it’s dry, you can remove the excess resin and polish the glass till it’s smooth.

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