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UMP Publication Policy

The Journal of Social Sciences and Technology Management seeks original unpublished research papers in all topic of science(Multidisciplinary) and subjects . All submissions will go through a peer review process to check their suitability . Manuscripts should describe original work unpublished elsewhere and not being considered for publication elsewhere. Futher information describing the different types of possible submission.

Technical articles should be informative and well organized. They should cite original work or review previous work, giving proper credit. Results of actual experiments or research should be included. The Journal cannot accept unsubstantiated or commercial statements. Authors should observe the general requirements for Publications, as agreed by the Publications Policy Committee, given at the end of this page.

Authors should submit a full-page double-spaced MS.Word including illustrations and a figure captions list for review .After papers have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication, authors should submit the final source files including manuscript as Word or LaTeX file, illustration files (as described below) and supplementary material such as author photographs and biographies. It is no longer necessary for authors to use the MS Word or LaTeX template to prepare their final manuscripts, and authors of open access papers must not do so. Other authors may use the templates if they wish, to assist with the planning of final page layout and length.

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Manuscripts are reviewed anonymously by members of the review board. After the reviewers’ analysis and recommendation to the editors, the author is advised of either acceptance or rejection. On the basis of the reviewers’ comments, the editor may request that the author make certain revisions which will allow the paper to be accepted for publication.
Per-page Fee

Once an article is accepted for publication, page charges will apply for printing as follows. 200US per Article
Open Access
Open Access

The author may obtain an open-access licence for their paper.
Color Graphics

For a fee of $50 per article (above the normal page fee), authors can choose to include color graphics files in articles published in the printed Journal.

An informative and self-contained abstract of about 60 words must be provided. The manuscript should develop the main point, beginning with an introduction and ending with a summary or conclusion. Illustrations must have informative captions and must be referred to in the text. Footnotes should be avoided, when possible, by making parenthetical remarks in the text. Mathematical symbols, abbreviations, acronyms, etc., which may not be familiar to readers must be spelled out or defined the first time they are cited in the text. Subheads are appropriate and should be inserted where necessary. Paragraph division numbers should be of the form 0 (only for introduction), 1, 1.1, 1.1.1, 2, 2.1, 2.1.1, etc.
General requirements

All material published by the Journal, regardless of the type, shall conform to the following requirements unless specifically exempted by Publications Policy or by the Editor.

• Style: The technical content should be accurate; the writing should use good grammar and be easy to understand by those versed in the art. Abbreviations, units, and definitions of quantities should conform to the editorial style.

• Good Taste: Good taste is a necessity. No derogatory mention of other engineering work, engineers, or organizations shall be made. (Constructive technical criticism, which makes a suggestion(s) for improvement(s) that would remove the objection, is not derogatory if the technical basis is well developed and accurate.) The Editorial Office should ask reviewers to judge carefully the substance of such criticism. Specifically, the initiation of controversy should be minimized by a careful checking of the critical judgments. Controversy for its own sake should be discouraged.

• Commercialism: A manuscript which is based on a commercial product should be reviewed extremely carefully to determine the real scientific content. If a manuscript has no other merit than as a description of the product, it is not acceptable. This requirement is especially important in articles that provide technical results without an adequate description of a device’s operation.

• Original unpublished work: Manuscripts should describe original work unpublished elsewhere and not being considered for publication elsewhere. The Editor may also reject manuscripts that are original, but too similar to other published work. Publications of AES meetings, or of other meetings at the discretion of the Editor, may be further reviewed and republished in the Journal of the AES (but see note above regarding convention and conference papers).

• Trademarks: Trademarks are generally inappropriate because they serve a commercial purpose, not an engineering purpose.

a) Trademark symbols are not permitted. b) Trademark names in titles and abstracts should be replaced by generic descriptions where possible. If trademarked names are retained in titles and abstracts, they will not be acknowledged as such. c) The first time a trademarked name appears in the body text, it may be footnoted. The footnote will state that it is registered and the name of the owner.