Relationship between Social Capital, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment among Public Organizations Managers Case Study Tehran General Industry, Mine and Trade Department

Azam Ghanbarzade,Morteza Hazraty

PDF (454KB)

A jihadi entrepreneurial model based on Jihadi management and its role in the culture of entrepreneurship

Mohammad Bagher Babai Talatape,Mehdi Rizvandi

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Investigate the relationship demographic factors and job attitudes with employees’ loyalty, higher education centers in Sirjan

Ayyub Sheikhy,Zahra Khademi

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The obstacles of the ICT implementation in the contacts company of Ilam province, Iran

Heshmat Moradhaseli,Jalal Haghighat Monfared

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The Pathology of the ICT Deployment: Case Study of Telecommunication Company of Ilam Province, Iran

Heshmat Moradhaseli,Jalal Haghighat Monfared

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Financial Discipline in the Governmental Organizations

Fariddeddin Allameh Haery,Mohammad Hossein Lotfollah Hamadani

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Faculty Development in Developing Countries: The case of a large state University, Iran

Sakineh Zahedi

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Relationship between achievement goals and social emotional climate of the classroom with test anxiety of second-grade high school students from Mahan city

Zeynodini Nia Monavvar,Khosropour Farshid

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Impact on customer loyalty, relationship marketing (Asia Zhooleh case study)

Azad Nozhatzadeh,Peyman Hessamfar,Abbas Ahmadi

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The Role of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Customer Satisfaction atInternational Transport Company of Tehran (Case study: Persia Sepeid Tarabar Company)

Peyman Hessamfar,Azad Nozhatzadeh,Abbas Ahmadi

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