On the Comparison of Effectiveness of Direct Instruction Method and Multimedia Instruction on students suffering from Special Learning Disorder along with Defects in Dictation Samad Azimigaroosi,Farshad Zhiean,Hadi Farahmand

PDF (295KB)

Evaluation the Relationship between Personality Types and Learning Skills of the Students

Mahshid Izadi,Mehri Rezai

PDF (467KB)

Studying the Relationship between the Spiritual Intelligence and the Employee’s Creativity

Mahmood Asadi Farsani,Hadi Sadeghi Hafshejani,Sima Karamian

PDF (336KB)

Evaluation Average Discharge Headway at Nearside Legs of Signalized Intersections

Iraj Bargegol,Afsaneh Tahriri Amlashi,Vahid Najafi Moghaddam Gilani

PDF (642KB)

The Relationship between Risk Management and Board Structure of Accepted Firms in Tehran Stock Exchange

Edris Moradi,Ataollah Mohamadi Malgharani

PDF (544KB)

Investigation of Effecting Factors on Establishment of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

Seyed Masoud Hosseini Shorshani,Masaoud Mahmodi Lafvat,Mohammad Hossein Abouei

PDF (401KB)

Study Effect of Social Organizational Capital on Social Security Staffs’ Productivity

Morad Kordi,Amir Mirzakhani

PDF (354KB)

Studying Relationship between Job Security, Hardiness, And Burnout

Hossein Jalilvand,Mohammad Yamini,Hassan Bagheri Nia

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A Study on the Effective Factors on the Acceptance of E-Government by the Citizens

Mohammad Sepehri,Esmaeil Sabzikaran,Hasan Koolivand

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