Examining the relationship between job stress and turnover tendency with mediating role of job satisfaction among the employees of Alzahra hospital in Rasht Helnaz Ketabchi,Morteza Hazraty

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Assessing the Intellectual Capital of an Organization and its Relationship with Employees’ Entrepreneurial Behavior

Shahab Maleki,Ehsan Ghatreh Samani,Hosein Hamedi

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Prioritizing Barriers to implement Green Supply Chain in Shiraz Oil Refining Company by FAHP Method

Tayebeh Abbasnejad,Ehsan Khaksar,Mohammad Gashtasbi,Somayeh Akhavan Darabi

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The Study of Relationship Past Information And Variables Affecting With Value of stock market In Listed Companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

Somayeh Moradi‚Mohammad Hasan Janani

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On the Relationship between Criterion for Organizational Culture and Job Satisfaction of Tehran Railway A Hosted Pattern

Ahmad Abbasi Fard,Seyyedeh Maede Hoseini,Fatemeh Taghavi Rokn Abad

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The Relationship among Organizational Culture in Denison’s Model (Adaptability) with Creative Thinking

Teyebe Rahmani,Mahmud Ghorbani,Mosayeb Samanian

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Distinction in Education and English speacking in three universities of Malaysia

Mohd Loqman, Othman Awalludin

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IRIB news discourse and effectively rate of the audience of it (Case study: Syria crisis, the economic crisis in Europe and the economic crisis in Iran in the second half of the year 2012

Ali Arsalani,Ali Samiei

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Factors affecting acceptance of electronic human resource management (E-HRM) based on the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) in organization offering educational services: Case study of Alzahra University

Maryam Maleki,Abdul Mohammad Mahdavi

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