Effect of defects and flaws on tax financial statement, announced and specified differences Firms registered in the Stock Exchange of Tehran

Akbar Amini Mehr,Fardin Hedayati,Mahdi Vahdat

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The Impact of Stress on Emotional Intelligence of Successful and Unsuccessful Karate Women's

Samira Asadi,Mehdi Namazizade

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Studying the relation between anxiety and adjustment in middle age people in Kerman

Reihane Fathi,Saeideh khojasteh

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Investigation of Signalized of Intersection Utilizing Linear on Modeling Blockage Probability from Regressions and MLP and RBF Neural Networks

Ali Kargar,Seyed Ali Ziaee

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The Study of the relationship between foreign direct investment (FDI) and economic freedom on economic growth

Paykani Katrin,Meybullayov Mohammad Hassan

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Modeling Site Selection for Roadside Service Area Complexes Using Dynamic Programming and Site Characters

Mahmoud Ameri,Iraj Bargegol

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Assessing the sound performance of common building materials used as outer walls

Afsaneh Ghalehnovi,Behrouz Mohammad Kari,Ali Vakilli Ardebili

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