Understanding the spatial and temporal patterns of urban growth using metric space(Case study Tehran)

Alireza Sayaf Zadeh,Ali Ershadi Kia

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Rehabilitation and renovation of old urban fabric(Case Study City nahavand)

AlirezaSayaf Zadeh,Mysam Novshdi jalal

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The evolution of urban planning in developing countries compared with developed countries

Zeinab Karkeh Abadi,Sasan Masoudi

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Uncertain Ownership and Legal Foundations of Bank Performance in Egypt by Egyptian law

Mohammed Omran

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Architecture of buildings using renewable energies in harmony with sustainable development

Mahdi Zandieh,Arman Nikkhah

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Urbanicity and the crossover in underweight and overweight-Cities of Malaysia

R. Srinivasan

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Investigation the Effect of Training Technology Equipment on Organizational Intelligence

Pari Tatar,Jamil Moradi

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The Effectiveness of Sandplay Therapy in Reducing Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Children 5 to 7 Years Old

Hamideh Mohammadi Nasab,Zohreh Mohammad Alipour

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