Corporate brand expressions in industrial brand: Evidence from Malaysia

Yahya Abdul Aziz,Muhammad Haszlinna Mustaffa

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Logo therapy effectiveness and spiritual orientation on reducing the symptoms of depression

Seyed Rahmatallah Musavimoghadam,Seyedeh Mahshid Rokni,Zohreh Pourmand

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Examine the role of religious orientation and spiritual intelligence mothers on adolescent mental health Case study: secondary school students ILAM

Seyed Rahmatallah Musavimoghadam,Samireh Asilvand,Mohammad Morad Kamarkhani

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Government Responsibility for the Actions of Private Military Groups

Ali Reza Zaheri,Parisa Stacki

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Analysis and Investigation of Lasting Architectural Projects and Plans in Housing in Post Era of Ghajar, Tehran

Asma Mehan,Habib Sohrabi Parsa,Hoda Mortazavi Alavi

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The Impact of Conditional Accounting Conservatism on Changes in Stock Exchange Price

Ali Mosayebi Behrooz,Javad Bakhtiari

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The Relationship between Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty with a Pattern of Future Behavior Customers (Case Study: Branches of Mellat Bank of Golestan Province)

Rohollah Jogataee,Hormoz Mehrani,Fereidon Azma

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Natural Customer Ranking of Banks in Terms of Credit Risk by Using Data Mining: A Case Study: Branches of Mellat Bank of Iran

Somayyeh Zamani,Abdolkarim Mogaddam

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Study of the relationship between Personality Aspects (introvert, extrovert) and Hardiness Rate of Professional Athletes of Football, Handball and Basketball Teams of Superior leagues of Isfahan Province

Masoud Naderian,Zahra MoradSafavi

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Study of the Relation between Decision Making Styles and Behavioural Development of Professional athletes of Isfahan superior league Study case: handball, basketball and football teams

Masoud Naderian,Majid Moghbel Esfhani

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