The Relationship between the Audit Committee and earnings quality depending on the Dichev model in companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

Omolbanin Raeisi Godouei,Bizhan Abedini

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Evaluation Economic and Financial Fundamentals of Energy Saving

Gholamali Rahimi,Mohammad Nemati Goodarzi

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The Role of Sustainability in the Residential Complex, Design of Residential Complex in Region 2 of Tehran

Samira Rashidi,Amir Ali Khalilian Boroujeni

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Cultural Relations between North and South (With an Emphasis on the Role of Media)

Mohammad Reza Akhzarian Kashani

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Investigate the Relationship between Managers' Management Skills with Quality of Work Life Medical Science University Staff in Rasht City

Safoura Poorghasemi,Mohammad Hadi Asgari

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The Buckling Study in Thin Composite Beams by Using of Multi-layer Classical Beam Theory

Jahan Taghizadeh,Shahcheragh Mofattehi

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Motivation and Entrepreneurship from the Perspective of Islamic Values

Mohammad Bagher Babaei Tala Tappeh,Mehdi Ghorbaninia

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Analysis and evaluation of military expenditures in US security strategy after September 11, 2001 until 2015

Farzad Rostami,Mojtaba Salehi kortaviji,Siyamak Sefidi

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Crises in the Global Financial System in the Middle East

Musa Reza Pouraslan

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Studying of factors effected on total productivity in Small and medium Food Industry of Khorasan Razavi Province (1996-2012)

Ali Soleimani

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