Relationship between the Advantage of Timeliness and Reliability of Financial Reporting and Its Impact on Financial Reporting Quality

Dr.Hossein Kazemi,Bahman Kalari Daroon Kola

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Application of Pareto Axiom in decrement of air pollution of large cities of Iran

Mohammad Nemati Gudarzi,Gholamali Rahimi

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RFID in SECM and Factors Including Identification Technology Evidence from BSA Manufacturing, automotive-Malaysia

Chzia Poaw Sim

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The Effects of Strategic Planning on Financial Performance of Private Insurance Companies in Iran
Alireza Irajpour,Nazila Heydarnejad Zabihi

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Examine and Prioritize Factors Affecting Stable Revenues of Municipality of Borujerd-Iran
Ataalloh Mohamadi Malgharni,Maryam Shaabani

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Applying Evaluate Marketing Processes Corporation Marketing Capability Maturity Model –Evidence from Bursa Malaysia Market

Suseela Devi Chandran

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ERP Systems and Study of the Factors Influencing Strategic KM and Decision Making through that

Syahriah Bachok

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Operation Research and Study on Optimization of Logistic Models

Noor Suzilawati Rabe

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Public Opinion Quarterly System and Service Level Limitation And Investigation into Lead Times Planning based on Material requirements planning under
Mariana Mohamed Osman

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